Working – Learning Teaching

As I work and learn I share as well

One of my favorite mentors always said he never learned his craft until he began teaching it.  

I really enjoy teaching others how to make leather goods and find it very rewarding helping them create something they will have the rest of their lives.

It is the same for me when I am crafting something in my shop knowing that what I am making will help someone do their job better or safer.  Something that I know is made right and will take years of hard work and continue to serve its purpose for a long time.  

Please let me know how I can help you wether it is through making you something you need or teaching you how to make something for your friends or a class for you and your coworkers building journals as a team building exercise.

Let me help you

Truly Custom

Made by my hand for you. 
We talk and discuss and meet if measurements are needed.  I design each item specifically for you and the needs you specify.

Personal Service

When you call my shop or reach out via email you deal with me directly. 
Just like my dad in this photo of him running his service station back in the 1940’s. 
I learned a lot from him and making sure people know you are working directly with them is a big part of my service.

Helping Customers become friends

Just like Spot and Chase here.  We work and learn from each other and become fast friends.