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limited only by your imagination

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Featured Recent Projects

No matter what you’re looking for, I can help you create it.  Lets talk about what I can make for you.

Guitar Straps

I have a couple of grades and weights to choose from and tooling and lining options starting at $100 and priced based on time

Custom tool sheaths

Do you carry something on your belt and need it by your side for work?  Let me make you a custom piece designed just for it.  A sturdy heirloom quality item that will last a lifetime

knives – Knives – Knives

We all have them and love them but need a better way to carry them besides the cheapo sheath they came with.  :et me make you something you can be proud of to have on you belt.


“Man this guy really is good at leatherwork!”

– Spot


“I dream of more leather and like the way it smells.”

– Angie Henson

“I am wearing custom earrings but Joe cant crop this right so you can see them.”

– Melanie